The different types of mammals are classified into 21 groups including aardvarks, anteaters, bats, carnivores, cetaceans, elephants, marsupials, monotremes, primates, rodents, treeshrews and many others. In this article, we'll explore mammal classification in order to better understand the many different types of mammals.

The aardvark is a burrowing, nocturnal placental mammal and is the only living species in its group. The aardvark has a long snout, arched back and coarse fur. Their diet consists of primarily ants and termites, which it procures by tearing open the insects' nests with its long claws. Aardvarks inhabit savannas, woodlands and grasslands in sub-Saharan Africa, a range that extends from southern Egypt to the Cape of Good Hope. The closest living relatives to the aardvark includes cetaceans and the even-toed hoofed mammals.